Voluntary “Best Use” information

Specific information is provided by the manufacturer and is based on the respective industry initiative to encourage sustainable use of products, offering best results, whilst reducing the impact on the environment and saving money. (e.g. Washright, Save Energy and Water)

1) Washright panel:

What does it mean?
The Washright campaign provides consumers in Europe with practical tips on how to wash their laundry in an environmentally responsible way. By saving water and energy, consumers will also save money. The campaign was initiated in 1998 by A.I.S.E. to complement the industry's work in developing products and packaging that help to reduce the impact on the environment. The messages of the campaign support the education of consumers towards more sustainable, efficient washing habits.

How can you contribute?
The Washright panel helps raise awareness about the following key messages:

•Avoid under-filling the machine. Washing the right amount of clothes in each load will significantly reduce the water and energy you use each year.
•The quantity of detergent used should be proportional to the hardness of the water in your area and the level of soiling of the laundry.
•Most of today's washing detergents work well at low temperatures, so using a lower temperature setting will get excellent results while cutting your energy use.
•Keep permanent or refillable packaging and buy refill packs when available.


Voluntary Initiatives

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