The Charter for Sustainable Cleaning


These logos refer to The Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. The Charter is a voluntary industry initiative encouraging manufacturers and consumers to adopt more sustainable cleaning practices. The Charter Symbols featured on packs indicate companies’ compliance to this voluntary AISE program.


A more sustainable cleaning and maintenance industry

As an industry, we have a responsibility both to the planet and to the people who use our products. Not only to ensure that environmental impacts have been reduced throughout the manufacturing process, but also to help all of us to limit our own impacts.  Our latest research shows us that consumers across Europe are concerned about sustainability when buying and using cleaning products.

In 2005, the Detergents and Maintenance Products industry started a Europe-wide scheme, “The Charter for Sustainable Cleaning”, to promote sustainability among companies making detergents and other household and professional cleaning products. 


Charter logos and their meanings

When you see this logo on a product, it means that this product was made by a Charter member – a company that has voluntarily committed to continuously improve its behaviour in sustainability and is independently verified.  You can learn more about the detailed Charter criteria and our members here .

When you see this logo on a product, it tells you that the product was made by a Charter member and goes above and beyond legislative requirements, in line with industry’s best practice.  These products meet high sustainability standards for helping protect environmental safety,  promoting efficient use of resources eg through the promotion of concentrated formats. They comply to ambitious criteria set voluntarily by the cleaning industry association . Easy-to-understand consumer information on how to use products in a more sustainable way is an additional commitment these products have to comply to. 

Where will I see it?

You’ll find the Charter logo on a huge variety of cleaning products. Starting with laundry detergents and fabric conditioners, the Charter logo will  be found in future on many other products,. Click here to read more about the types of product you’ll find logos on, and where you’ll find them.


What else can I do?

Most of the environmental impact of cleaning products comes from the water and energy consumed when they are used in the home, and that’s why products which carry the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning logos are designed to help you clean smartly.  Did you know the way you use products when you clean can have a big influence on how sustainable they are? From washing at lower temperatures to using the correct product dosage, you can reduce the impact of your cleaning products and save money too. See more tips and advice on how you can clean smarter at home.

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