Sustainability – Industry taking the lead!

A number of voluntary initiatives in the field of sustainable development have been developed by A.I.S.E. and Cefic. Their purpose is to inform and encourage the sustainable use of cleaning and maintenance products in the home and at work.

Below you will find list of safety related initiatives developed by the industry:

Human and Environmental Risk Assessment on Ingredients of Household Cleaning Products.

Responsible Care
This is a Cefic voluntary initiative which aims to improve the way chemicals are managed and processed.

Environmental Risk Assessment and Management, is a joint A.I.S.E., Cefic and CESIO initiative created in 1991.

Safe Use Icons
Helping consumers to use our products in a safe way.

Air Fresheners Product Stewardship
This was launched by A.I.S.E. in 2007 to promote responsible manufacturing, communication and use of Air Fresheners.

For information on other voluntary initiatives, please go to the Initiatives  section.


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