Safety - we all have a role to play

Soaps, detergents and maintenance products are used on a daily basis to maintain cleanliness, health and well-being around the home. Although developed by manufacturers to be safe for their intended use, a certain degree of precaution is always necessary - especially if children are present. 

Our industry has a long-established track record of delivering safe products.  These efforts are backed by a series of regulatory and voluntary initiatives reinforced by European legislation.

The industry also works continuously – in consultation with consumer groups, government authorities and other experts – to further improve the safety and environmental performance of its products, for example by switching to ingredients that have less of an impact on the environment, and by developing labels and other communication channels that provide consumers with the information they need to use the products safely and responsibly. 

In this section you will find information on the following:

• Guidance on the importance of reading the label before using the product,
• Basic principles on how to assess the safety of ingredients used in the product;
• Safety information governing soaps, detergents and maintenance products on the market, 
• Advice in case of accident or misuse,
• Information about A.I.S.E. and Cefic voluntary initiatives adopted by the industry in the areas of safety and sustainability.

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