Tips for saving water, energy, CO2 and money!

We all need to do our bit to help the environment. Manufacturers make great efforts to ensure their products deliver great results when used in a safe and environmentally responsible way.  As a consumer, you also have an extremely important role to play. By using your products responsibly, you will help the planet - and save yourself money!

Today’s cleaning and maintenance products make our daily household tasks a lot easier. So do labour-saving electrical appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. But to avoid wasting resources or harming the environment, consumers must use their products and appliances responsibly. Did you know that between 50% to 80% of overall carbon emissions related to cleaning products can occur during the use phase, for example when used in dishwashers or washing machines?

Here are some handy tips to help you get best results, reduce your “carbon footprint” and do your bit as a responsible consumer:

Laundry Washing Tips

Dish Washing Tips

All Purpose Cleaners Tips

Trigger Spray Cleaner Tips

In addition, for your other daily activities, a few best practice examples include:
- Buying energy efficient appliances.
- Optimising the insulation of your house/apartment.
- Favouring the use of public transport over cars, especially when traveling alone.
- Promoting the use of low energy consumption light bulbs and other appliances.
- Avoid leaving doors/windows open when heating the house.
- Ensuring that televisions, satellite transmission boxes and microwaves are not left on standby when not in use.

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